Kissed by the Sun oh Tan One


Well Loves,

Can you feel it, hear it, as you see it?  Being ENERGIZED by the ride?   Oh the swirly, whirly currents, and bubbles of our lives.   Tell me sweet girlfriend, how doth your energy flow?

Buffalo Woman Workshops:  Phase I The Body

  •  Step 1:  20 minute Kundalini Practice. 
  •  Step 2 :  Speedy 5 minutes Energy Routine based on Donna Eden’s  Energy Medicine

 The body now stretched & energized yearns to be nourished.

Phase II – nutrition. diet.  food.   Simple! 

Yet,  what is it about shapeshifting how we eat that is so arduous, difficult, hard?  When really, in reality, it is merely a simple choice …  to Love Thyself.

Just a little “food for throught”  for our next post.  Yummmm!


Reach for the Stretch

photo by Rick Randall

Have you ever jumped so high and reached for the sky??  Or perhaps, you just jump, then reach for the places inside yourself you never thought you’d go.  Guess what happens  when you r-e-a-c-h??  Ya!  Look at that  gorgeous pic, isn’t it amazing? Think of it,  when one reaches, one must s-t-r-e-t-c-h.  I find that a stretch has one of two results in the body either “ouch” or, “this feels good”.   What about your body?  What results show up in the landscape of  your precious temple?

What if we visit  the other kind of stretch?  The inward venture versus the outward focus. The one that grows the Soul, the life force which animates us.  The kind of stretch I’m making and taking, with  this blog & workshop. 

 Tell me true, is there not your own unique stretch awaiting you?

Buffalowoman Workshops, phase I – the Body.  Stretch it, energize it, create abundant strength.  Make it simple and extremely convenient.  Suggesting a 20 minute Yoga practice inspired by Maya Fiennes

 Key Ingredients —  Detoxification & Destressification, plus Simple & Convenient.

  What woman would not hanker after such wants and needs??

Landslide of Love

Well then, Tally Ho You SuperCoolHappyLovething!  

 I heard this tune the other day: 

It sums up nicely what I’m doing with a blog and a workshop for women who  are getting older and their children are  too.  And how are you handling the seasons of your life?  Ummmmm. 

Back to pretty Peggy (  I like wine, however my  main addiction is books.  The Little Book of Big Promises  is what one might call “interactive”, quite unique, very cutting edge.  

  • You read. 
  •  You identify 9 events that changed the current of your life. 
  •  You decide what you came to desire because of this life altering event. 
  •  You uncover what “promise”  was revealed. 

 And if you are  anything like me, you might spend an entire weekend devouring the content.  FYI;  this is not passive reading.  This is journaling (come on you know love it – when you do it) then clicking over to Peggy’s website for a media hit and guided meditation, and lastly listening inwardly for the  promise revealed.  Wait! You say, what if the promise fails to reveal itself?  Fear not.  Just pick a number, and then flip to the appropriate page where the I Am Promise greets the exact circumstance of the momentI promise,  it will knock your socks off, the accuracy of your life showing up in a number and a statement.  Like Demi Moore says: “Peggy is the real deal, and so is  this book!”

Okey Doke.  All that said.  There I sat in the vintage brown rocker listening to Peggy lead me through “I Give Myself Permission” from her website.  Whilst listening,  I decide:  I give myself permission to be known…. How?? 

Answer Arrives:  Free Workshops for Women. 

Based on what?  Based on a “vision”, an inner vision.  And here’s who showed up and what I journaled:

1) Frida Kahlo ~ a creative sexual being (I want that.  Or could it be; I am that?)

2) White Buffalo Woman ~ where the hell did she come from??!  I think to myself – it’s not good to “think” during visions, of that I am  certain.  For obviously, She is Key.

3) A  Big Buffalo (powerful symbol from my childhood) awestruck, strength, fearless, confident, source of life – food, clothing, shelter

4) Buddha (yep he showed up too):  Breathe.  Being peaceful equals using the breath to create calm (akin to the peace pipe White Buffalo Woman delivered, eh?).

5)  Jesus – yea, He the man.  He always shows up for me.  In my  inner world His message is always:  Welcome Home.  In the outer world I firmly believe His revolutionary message was, and is : Love.  

You know the ditty: Love your neighbor like you love  you know who?  

BTW – what is that makes the World Go Round????  You Go Girl!

Courage to Deliver

There once was a pretty lady named Peggy.  A healer, a psychic, a reiki master, a mom, a wife, a sister & daughter, and more!  Thank you Peggy, for the courage to deliver your gift to the world.  You’ve caused me to own mine.  And to show up.  This blog brought to you by our sponsor – think advertisement jingle, if you will 🙂 – Peggy Rometo .   Her book The Little Book of Big Promises, delivered me to you.  Here, where the two of us have discovered each other, on a  brave new blog called BUFFALO WOMAN WORKSHOPS.  Ho!

At about 2 1/2  minutes, I ask you to stop, and reflect:  Remember Your Dreams.

This timeless classic leaves me with a profound and simple message: remember how very, very precious life is and the difference you make in the world.

Show up.  Share your Gifts.

She Who Gives

image from Canada Street NewsShe taught them sacred rituals and gave them a sacred pipe, holiest of all worship symbols.  After teaching the people and giving them her gifts, she left them promising to return.”

So here’s the deal:  What “gifts” do you have that you are not yet giving?  My, my, my does the world ever need them.  Right now.  Waste not another moment.

Behold ~~  the birth of  BUFFALO WOMAN WORKSHOPS. 

 I believe the gifts  I  have to give are:  calm, confidence, intuition, and strength.  Yet, truth be told, they are not mine to give.  They already exist within you.  Hence, the creation of content  for BWW (buffalo woman workshops), including strategies and  resources to support what I deem as worthy values in the lives of women.

Four Cheers For :  Calm, Confidence, Intuition, and Strength!

Thanks for visiting!

The Beginning

Fear.  Interesting.  Where on earth does fear feel compatible with Calm?  Or Confidence? Or Intution?  Or, goodness me, how do fear and strength combine to create a beginning for newbie blog titled BUFFALO WOMAN WORKSHOPS?

Don’t ask me!   Eeeeek